And I am just beginning……

Tropezando por la Vida

The end of this month, August, marks a year and half in country for my group and me. The high of the one-year mark has rolled away and the excitement of 6 months left is still a few months off. It’s rainy season and this year I seem to be attracting all sorts of skin infections I’ve never seen before. The village empties each day as every man, woman, and child depart to the bush to weed their corn, millet, and peanut fields. I’ve been traveling heavily, more than I care to. I’m tired, worn-out, some days it seems even my body is literally falling apart. Boredom is at its highest at this time of year. You can only take so many naps. Projects are stalled until October, before the harvest. It’s still hot most days, combined with a humidity of 1,000% (per this Arizona girl’s weather vane). I’ve never…

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