An overview of how I come to have clean clothes

I recently been legally cleared as a Peace Corps applicant. In preparing for my assignment, I recently purchased a washboard to start washing my clothes by hand. It is an adjustment.

A life in the Dominican Republic

So I’m trying to think of things to share and thought hey, why not laundry.  Laundry can be a tricky business.  There needs to be a convergence of water on hand, electricity if you are using a machine, and sun.

I don’t have to worry about water because the house where I live has a steady supply and it is piped to the house.  But some volunteers rely on a llave (that is a communal faucet and not a key or wrench) and llaves aren’t dispensing water.  I have heard of volunteers who cannot receive water for a couple weeks, then they hope it rains.

Some volunteers pay their former donas (the mothers of the house they did their homestay in) to do their laundry.  I still live with my family, but do mine myself.  It was easier at the beginning because we were told during training we should never…

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